Our Banjara Bags , Gujarat Bags and Clutches are handmade in Rajasthan and the Gujarat area in India - where blankets, Saris and other fabrics are handmade by the " Kuchi "- craftsmen. Boho kutch Bags, large Gujarat Totebags & Shopper , hippie chic embroidered clutches, hip bags, funny bags , pocuhes made of high quality suede leather combined with colorful traditional vintage textiles - we got them all !  The artistic embroydery, which is so special about our products are known as “Mochi Bharat“ Each piece of our India Bags Collection is handmade and absolutly unique! Our high quality Totebags  & Ipadbags are handmade by a fairtrade Company situated in Jaipur, India. They are handcrafted out of fine handwoven carpets. Only 2 big bags & 2 smaller Ipad/ cosmeticbags  in total can be made of one carpet - so each piece is unique !


Our Cosmetic Bags from Guatemala are made by womencollectives which is a 100% worker-owned women’s weaving cooperative in Guatemala. They produce high-quality clothes, accessories and homeware, using traditional Mayan weaving techniques. Each piece of our guatemala collection is unique cause each one is handmade out of upcycled fabrics.


The Hmong inspired Bags and Clutches from Thailand are made by a women cooperative situated in the Northern Mountain Region of Thailand. They are working togehter with a womencollective of Hmong Tribe Women. All Bags from Thailand are handmade  -  your purchase of our Thailand bags means a direct support & honor to the  work of the Hmong tribe women.