The collective in Africa Kenia - where we get our beautiful maasai jewelry from - is a cooperation of about 275 maasai women, which are situated at the foot of mount Kilimanjaro at Amboseli national park.


Our Partner in Egypt is a culturell collective working for the promotion of egypts heritage. They are combining handicrafts and creative products represented by a  group of leading Egyptian designers and entrepreneurs from 28 creative clusters and 10 governorates.

Mali - the landlocked country in Westafrica with a population of about 14,5 milion is known in the sector of crafts and arts for the tuareg work, bakelite and also for upcycled (out of industry waste like plastic ricebags ) jewelry. The Tuareg are a nomadic tribe which used to live for centuries in the today States Mali, Algeria, Niger, Lybia and Burina Faso. From Mali we provide handmade long necklaces made of tuareg silver and bronce,bakelite-necklaces as well as colorful bracelets made out of upcycled plastic waste.

From Morocco -Marrakech we brought our beautiful berberrugs and pillowcases. In Marrakesh we met a family from Kalaa de Sraghna, which is about 100 km away from Marrakech. The women of the family - which are originally Berberwomen from the region of Atlas Mountains - are producing in  in-house production these high quality unique pieces. It takes about 1- 2 weeks to produce one middle size rug as it´s only possible to work on it about 3 hours a day cause of health reasons. Some of our rugs are made of Sabra. The Sabra is a vegetable fiber derived from Aloe Vera.